The Immortality Rings The Immortality Rings are rough sand paper. The rings cure common diseases or handicaps that are caused by poor blood circulation. The magnets that you place on your small fingers are fine sand paper. They increase the Chi flow of your body.
Then what is the 'extra fine sand paper'? Do you have an extra fine sand paper which can make a 2 milimeter scar on my retina disappear so I can see again? Do you carry the extra fine sand paper which can help regain my hearing if I am deaf? Do you have a method which can allow my severed nerves to reconnect so that I can walk again? With the help of magnetic coil, cells realign themselves much faster. So damaged area reheals much faster. Say if there is a tumor in your brain which cuts off the blood circulation to your eyes, and you become blind, the magnetic coil can be used to shake the tumor away

This allow humans to stay physically young forever. US PATENT # 5,9xx,xxx

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Clinical and university studies have shown over 20% increases in stamina within the first 10 minutes of use.
Increase muscle mass by "turning off" a regulatory protein known as myostatin Induce a state of calm sleep by "turning on" production of serotonin
Improve old age by "turning on" the pituitary into making more hGH
Improve memory, intelligence and focus by moving acetlycholine between the left and right brain
Increase collagen production for surgery-free face lifts And dozens of other metabolic processes
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