DNA testing services Our laboratory is staffed by Ph.D scientists. Our doctoral level staff have a combined 45 years of experience in molecular biology and medical genetics.
DNA testing services directly to clients across the United States and over 100 countries worldwide.
DNA Paternity Test: $205 for tests ordered after Aug 1, 2003 (previously $280)
Type of Paternity Test: Premium DNA Paternity Test DNA Paternity
Test Reporting: Full genetic report and DNA fingerprint provided for all DNA paternity tests.
Method of Reporting for Paternity Test Results: Patients can choose the following paternity test reporting options: mail, Email (online), phone. Please note that your password and paternity order I.D. number must be presented to obtain your paternity test results over the telephone. Paternity test technical support is available

HIV - Test


1. Clean finger with the alcohol pad and wait until your finger is dry again.
2. Twist and pull the white protective tab from the lancet.
3. Place lancet at the side of the fingertip of your finger.
4. Press white button firmly to activate the safety lancet. You experience a small finger prick. Make sure that you press the lancet firmly to your finger while pressing the white button NOTE: The lancet can only be used once to avoid possible danger of infection.
5. If necessary, massage the finger gently in order to obtain the required drop of blood.

HIV - Test Cost: $37,50 plus $3,95 shipping

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