007 is a powerful secret sound amplifier with a built-in high sensitive microphone. It will amplify sounds up to 40 decibels allowing you to hear sounds you can hardly hear with your bare ears! Distribution of this product, you can rest assured that you will receive not only the best product on the market, but the best service and delivery of that product as well. Hear what the Boss is talking about you! Low price of just… $19.95
You simply say "GO" and it races forward, say "COME BACK" and it races back.
Try saying "LETS GO CRAZY" and the Car will do a dance and play digital tunes. It understands 4 different sound commands. Plus it has incredible sound effects so before the car races off the engine revs up then the tires screech. There are a total of 10 sound effects in all. The hood goes up and down, the lights flash and the horn beeps as it races along. This comical little car is great big fun! Batteries are included.
...Our Price: $14.95
Lamp - Forever Flashlight!
It gives you a powerful beam of light visible for up to a mile. A flashlight that never needs batteries, replacement parts or bulbs for that matter. If only everything in life were as reliable as the Forever Flashlight. Now that's peace of mind.

Our Price: $19.95
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